JetXtender is an essential accessory for a jet-ski, which has the same look and capabilities as a conventional inflatable boat, but since it is attached to a jet-ski it does not require an outboard for propulsion. It's easy to attach, light (from 30 kg) and packs so small you can carry it on the jet-ski footrest, quick to inflate and lift into the water. Can be operated in very shallow waters, with no risk of hurting people in the water. Highly maneuverable can be operated at high and low speed what makes it unrivaled in any recreational or rescue application. 
Jet-ski owners like speed and maneuverability, but lack carrying capacity to take on-board passengers, the Jet-boat offers the best of both worlds. We tested it using a BRP Spark Trixx 90hp reaching 30 knots with 1+4 people and also tested it with 2+8 people at 15 knots. But you can use it with any other jet-ski. JetXtender offers extra buoyancy, stability, safety, space and visibility. 
Fold able, lightweight, perfect for nautica, special forces, rescue, fun and more.